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You Focus on the What, We Focus on the How

One of the core missions of Practical Soul is to help spiritual teachers and authors get their message out in today’s online world.

Whether that’s through e-learning, podcasts, online communities, or webinars, we can work with you on the design, content, and technology that you need to achieve your learning goals.

With 20 years of Learning and Development experience, Doug Upchurch is able to support you from the ideation to the execution of your Learning Strategy. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Learning Strategy and Accreditation Program Design
  • E-Learning Strategy, Design and Creation
  • Social Networking Strategy and Execution
  • Teleconference and Webinar Strategy, Design, and Execution

With experience both as a CEO and Chief Learning Officer, Doug will work with you to ensure your content is both professional and has learning integrity while ensuring that the heart of your message gets through.

For more information or to schedule a free 1 hour exploratory consulting call, please contact Doug.