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Over the last few months of 2012 and first part of 2013, I have come to recognize and realize that I have a natural gift for mediumship.  Although it is the newest part of my practice, I have had a number of sessions on my radio show and with my one on one clients that have been powerful and insightful.  Loved ones have come through with messages for my clients of reassurance and acknowledgement in such a way as to provide release, movement and even emotional healing.

I believe that our loved ones are here to help us and knowing that and connecting with them can further enable their effectiveness and our own journey.  Mediumship sessions are currently only available in 1 hour increments as I find that they require more time to be of full value.  The cost of a mediumship session is $200 per hour.   If you would like to schedule a mediumship session with me, please contact me directly via the Reconnect link.


My first mediumship session with Doug was nothing short of miraculous for me. He helped me recover a lost piece of my story, for which I will forever be grateful. His deep compassion, sensitivity, and courageous vulnerability combined with his authentic intent to provide clear communication are what make him one of the most gifted healers I have had the honor to work with. Thank you Doug!  – J. S.